Finish / Assembly

Design / Develop
Milling / Lathe processing
NC milling
Die-sinker EDM
Micro-hole electrical discharge machining
Wire electric discharge machining
Finish / Assembly
Inspection measure

Finish / Assembly

Exquisite handling is a “craftsmanship”

A craftsman who knows the mold to every corner supports the final process. A dozen parts made in each process are polished using a file or a special tool, and the various parts are assembled to complete the mold. The exquisite handling is "craftsmanship".

Other equipment list

Equipment name Manufacture name Model number quantity
Table lathe Kitamura Manufacturing KL-16M 1
Upright drilling machine KIWA KUD-550FP 1
Tabletop drilling machine ASHINA APD-360 1
Desktop tapping machine KIRA KRT-10 1
Tool grinder IIDA GT-200FC 1
Band saw NCC NCC-250S 1
Contour machine NCC-300 1
Fine limiter HEIWA TECHNICA L-P 1
Pneuma blaster Fuji Manufacturing SG-3(A) 1
Mold welder Japan Techno Engineering 2500.Dr Melting 1

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