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Thanks to you, Bethel Co., Ltd. has been in business for 47 years since it was founded in 1973. We have a vision to start a business in Ishioka, contribute to society through manufacturing, and provide products and services that satisfy customers around the world.

In the 21st century, the world has become borderless and people, goods, money and technology can move around the world in a short time. The future society is expected to undergo major changes based on AI, IoT, and environmental technologies, and competition between companies will intensify. At the same time, the global population is expected to explode, reaching 9.7 billion by 2050, and water, food and energy shortages are expected around the world. Infectious diseases such as the new Corona will also come out. By 2050, Japan will have a population of 100 million, creating a super-aging society and a serious labor shortage. Securing human resources is a major issue for companies as well.

In order for Bethel Co., Ltd. to survive in such a future, we will concentrate on three business fields.

We will concentrate our resources on these business fields to upbring and to develop human resources who can compete globally. Then, we will create a work environment where each employee who carries out these can work with peace of mind and hope for the future.

The end of the new Corona and the battle for hegemony between the United States and China will continue, and the world economy remains uncertain, but we do not know that innovation of people will stay. Bethel will always look to the future, spare no efforts for technological innovation, and provide services that will inspire customers every day.

We will continue to make efforts for our customers, society, the happiness of each employee, and the people of the region. Thank you for your continued support of Bethel Co., Ltd.

May  2020
PresidentJunichi Suzuki

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