Bethel Technology

Precision mold and metal processing

"ONLY1" with original technology

Until now, we have been producing precision molds and metal parts in all fields with our own development technology, and have a proven track record.
In die making, we carry out everything from design to assembly by our own system, so we can respond quickly and without loss.
In particular, we have high trust in design and development capabilities, and respond to customer needs with flexible ideas.

Mold making
Metal working
Processing technology / equipment

We support a wide range of applications, including short delivery times, complex shapes, and mass production for the smallest lots of various types.

In metalworking, skilled technicians use general-purpose equipment that does not require machining programs. By doing so, we can provide a wide range of services, from short-term delivery to small lots of various types to complex shapes and mass production of hundreds of units using various processing methods with the latest equipment.

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